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planet x sex shop stigmata köln

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K edit Kaelarot  A Kig-Yar inteplanetary colony from the Halo series. Bronson Alpha collides with the Earth, destroying. London: Oxford University Press. LV-223  The moon featured in the 2012 Ridley Scott film, " Prometheus." It is part of a larger system of otherwise unnamed moons orbiting a likewise unnamed planet, and hosted the advanced race known as the Engineers, which, according to the film, were precursors. "What the World Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted". Dragon's Egg Not, strictly speaking, a planet, but a neutron star on which intelligent life develops in the book of the same name by Robert Forward. The orbit of the planet is such that all sides of it are almost always illuminated by at least one sun; only once in every 2,049 years is Lagash oriented in such a way that one of the suns is eclipsed by a dark companion. Reverie A planet with extreme social division between the haves and have-nots, in Bruce Sterling 's The Artificial Kid. Such a planet will be described from the point of view of a person dwelling on it, rather than from the point of view of an outside observer: the fiction may describe its geography, its history, and the social and cultural characteristics of its civilizations. Pyrrus An inhabitable planet whose ecosystem, consisting of psychic plants and animals, seems to be unremittingly hostile to human life. Silence A venue in the F-Zero franchise known for being a soundless planet. Auriga The dying planet home to the events of the Endless Legend video game.

planet x sex shop stigmata köln

le livre Fifty Shade of Grey. It is the homeworld of the Lekgolo. Tallon IV Planet from Metroid Prime. Twinsun has three climates: the poles are hot and desert, the equator is cold and Arctic, and between them lie temperate lands. It is located in the Parnitha system. Ballybran is a toxic world where the inhabitants must form a symbiotic relationship with a spore in order to survive. It is also notable for being one of the few venues to appear in every game of the franchise. The planet was settled by colonists from the Earth in the 28th century, who created a utopian culture. Its only dry land is an island 250 kilometers long and 65 kilometers wide. Remulak A planet from the Saturday Night Live skit "Coneheads." Requiem An artificial planet constructed by the ancient Forerunner in the Halo game series. It is the second track of the Knight League in the first game. An ice planet named Fichina is featured in the Star Fox video game series.

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Heinlein, and subsequent works 1959 Novel Homeworld of the Arachnids Kolarus III Star Trek Nemesis 2002 Film Korhal StarCraft and subsequent games in mask party sex mutter erwischt tochter beim sex the StarCraft franchise 1998 Real-time strategy video game Once-lush throne world of the Terran Dominion Korriban Star Wars: Knights of the Old. Muloqt A Kig-Yar interplanetary colony from the Halo series. In Olaf Stapledon 's Last and First Men, Venus is presented as an ocean planet lacking atmospheric oxygen. E edit F edit G edit G889 A planet 22 light-years from Earth in the television series Earth. Through my not consenting, I intend protection from harm and maintain neutrality, so that my presence of being honors Truth, compassion, wisdom, harmony, healing, constant awakening and life, so as to not be trapped, to the best of my ability in every situation. " Dune 40th Anniversary Edition: Editorial Reviews". Creck A Sangheili mining colony from the Halo series. Medea Harlan Ellison 's worldbuilding project. Nessus Nessus, a planetoid location in the video game Destiny 2, based on the below Centaur O edit Oa the Living Planet A sentient planet in the Amalgam Comics series. Perdide A planet that serves for much of the setting of the 1982 French animated science fiction movie Les Maîtres du Temps (Time Masters by René Laloux. It is later revealed in Metroid Fusion that the Metroids were created to eliminate the X, a metamorphic parasite, even more dangerous than the Metroids. Zavron Home planet of the Zavronian aliens in the ABC TV sitcom 'The Neighbors' Zebes A planet from the Metroid series that was once home to the Chozo bird people but now home to the Space Pirates. The setting for Bob Shaw 's The Ragged Astronauts, The Wooden Spaceships and The Fugitive Worlds. Hiigara A lush planet in the Homeworld videogame, where the player must travel towards. Athos exclusively male-populated and homosexual planetary colony in Ethan of Athos (1986) by Lois McMaster Bujold. Vega In the film Spaceballs, the spaceship Eagle-5 crash-lands on the desert-moon of Vega after running out of fuel. The only area seen to protrude above Manaan's ocean surface is Ahto City, constructed by the Selkath to help with trade with the rest of the galaxy. I may not agree with all content or opinions of other contributing authors or interviewees. In the Star Trek: Titan novel Over a Torrent Sea by Christopher. Yugopotamia A comic "opposite" planet mentioned in the animated comedy The Fairly OddParents. If there are such attempts to ignore the LAW, they are responsible for one thousand times the consequences of that breach in self-destructionand are fully legally responsible for their choices. Corneria An Earth-like planet, from the Star Fox series. "Obelisk planet" Stargate Universe Onyx A Forerunner created shield world which is the main setting of the novel.

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Since probes revealed the absence of any indications of intelligent life on Mars, the science fictional Mars has changed to a possible future home for the human race,.g. In Sword of the Stars, Muur, the homeworld of the cetacean-like Liir is almost entirely covered in water. Hesikos A high eccentricity asteroid in Angus McVicar 's The Lost Planet series. T ( Internet Archive ). Picon  One of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol in the Battlestar Galactica universe; the colonial military hub and the colony primarily responsible for building Battlestar's and other ships prior to the Cylon attack. The destinies of the stars. New Terra In the computer game Outpost 2, New Terra is the world chosen by humanity as its last hope for survival, colonized by the last survivors of Earth in starship Conestoga. Majipoor A large planet which is the setting for a science fantasy series by Robert Silverberg. The planet is home to a form of ape-like creatures which can take on a disguise to resemble humans that typically fades after death. Lithia A planet peopled by an alien species with a well-developed natural ethics but no form of religion, in James Blish 's novel A Case of Conscience. Karava  A Sangheili colony from the Halo series. Retrieved November 26, 2015. . The Dictionary of science fiction places. Ultron  The home planet of Thermoman from My Hero Unicron V edit Valyanop  A KIg-Yar interplanetary colony from the Halo series. They return in 1978's Terror of Mechagodzilla having reconstructed the machine and enlisting the aid of a scientist whose daughter they saved in order to gain the services of a massive kaiju named Titanosaurus, in an attempt to defeat Godzilla and finally begin their invasion.

planet x sex shop stigmata köln